The Citizens of Edgewood held a Special Election on November 4, 2014 to "Reorganize the Plan of Government".  The Plan of Government at that time was the council- manager form of government. The council–manager form of government had been in place since Edgewood incorporated and became a City in 1996.  The Special Election results for Proposition No. 1- Abandonment and Reorganization of Plan of Government was approved by Edgewood voters 50.41% to 49.59%.  Due to the passage of Proposition No. 1, the City now operates under the mayor-council form of government.  On August 4, 2015 there was a General Election for the position of Mayor and Daryl Eidinger is now the elected Mayor of the City of Edgewood.      

"The Mayor-Council form consists of an elected Mayor who serves as the City's chief administrative officer, and a council (elected either at-large or from districts), which serves as the municipality's legislative body.  The Council has the authority to formulate and adopt city policies and the Mayor is responsible for carrying them out.  The mayor attends and presides over council meetings but does not vote, except in the case of a tie.  The Mayor is the Executive authority in this form of government. 

Mayoral veto authority is specified in the state laws relating to each city classification or is determined by local charter. The City of Edgewood is a non-charter code city therefore the Mayor may veto ordinances, but the Mayor's veto can be overridden by by a majority plus one of the entire council membership. 

Of Washington's 281 cities and towns, 227 (81%) operate under the mayor-council form, 53 (19%) have adopted the council-manager form, and 1 (<1%) operates under the commission form."