Vision Statement

As we look into the future five, ten, fifteen years from now, we see Edgewood as . . . 


A community that has preserved its rural and historical character, as evidenced by low densities, open spaces, farm lands and farm animals


A community that has concentrated higher intensity uses where services and required buffers can be adequately provided


A community with clear design standards that emphasize our unique rural character


A community where new development pays for the costs associated with that development


A community that encourages business development consistent with this vision


A community that lives within the capacity of its natural systems (septic, storm-water, etc.), promotes a clean and green environment and protects environmentally sensitive areas


A community that conservatively utilizes its financial and human resources


A community that is pedestrian-friendly


A safe community and family-oriented community


A community where the use of ones property does not unreasonably infringe upon their neighbors


A community with quality schools that promote educational opportunities for all ages


A community with active citizens who involve themselves in shaping our future