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It is important to research and analyze existing conditions and projected trends in the vicinity of where you are considering locating your business.  The information on this page is not designed to give you all the information you need, but to help give you some data and statistics at a quick glance. 

Affluent Community . . .

Edgewood has become a premiere residential location for higher income families.  Edgewood's median household income is approximately $70,000, which is significantly higher than that for Pierce County and most other cities in the United States.  The median home value is approximately $350,000.  At this time there are very few services and retail options for these residents, who must travel outside the City for entertainment, dining, business, medical care and most retail services.

HOUSEHOLD INCOME:  Edgewood's three highest income brackets are (24%) between $50,000 and $74,000; (20%) between $75,000 and $99,999; and (18%) between $100,000 and $149,999.  It is projected that by 2015, 25% of Edgewood residents will have an income of $100,000 to $149,999.

AGE: The 3 largest age brackets in the City consist of 17% between 45 and 54; 15% between 55 and 64; and 13% between 35 and 44 years of age.

HOUSEHOLD STATS:  The average home in Edgewood is valued at approximately $350,000 - many are valued over $1,000,000.  72% of the homes in Edgewood are owner-occupied.  The average family size is 2.98.   Of Edgewood residents 25 years of age and older, 18.9% hold a Bachelor's degree.  62% of residents are married.  61% of the population are "white collar" workers.

CONSUMER SPENDING DATA:  The 2010 consumer spending data*  shows the amount spent on a variety of goods and services by households that reside in the Edgewood area.  Expenditures are shown by broad budget categories that are not mutually exclusive.  Click to see data.
* Consumer spending does not equal business revenue.

Edgewood Household Demographics . . .

Edgewood has been a popular bedroom community due to its location, landscape and vacant land on which to build.  The table below shows current and projected numbers for Edgewood and Pierce County.  Edgewood exceeds the averages in many categories.  You can also view the full version of the Demographic Detail Comparison Report for more detailed information.


Pierce County

Total Population 9,467 10,315 784,982 813,852
Total Households 3,578 3,993 295,721 313,640
Population Density
(per square mile)
1,122.5 NA 463.7 NA
Total Housing Units 3,866 3,993 325,182 351,782
Owner Occupied Units 77.2% 80.6% 325,182 61.4%
Bachelor's Degree 17.4% 14.5% 14.8% 14.5%
Avg. Household Income $80,215 $88,077 $69,451 $76,533
Median Household Income $71,680 $76,708 $57,727 $62,560
Per Capita Income $30,517 $34,225 $26,820 $30,099
Average Vehicles/Household 2.40 2.90 2.10 2.40


Although Edgewood is thought of as a small town even by its residents, Edgewood is actually one of the larger cities in Pierce County, spanning almost nine square miles.

Cities & TownsPopulation
Auburn (part) 6,665 (+60,820 in King County)
Bonney Lake 16,500
Buckley 4,635
Carbonado 650
DuPont 7,650
Eatonville 2,405
Edgewood 9,615
Enumclaw (part) 0 (+11,460 in King County)
Fife 7,610
Fircrest 6,325
Gig Harbor 7,165
Lakewood 58,840
Milton (part) 5,705 (+830 in King County)
Orting 6,135
Pacific (part) 90 (+6,200 in King County)
Puyallup 38,690
Roy 870
Ruston 765
South Prairie 440
Steilacoom 6,285
Sumner 9,085
Tacoma 203,400
University Place 31,500
Wilkeson 460


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