2017 Critical Areas Code Update

In the Spring of 2017, the City of Edgewood entered into a contract with Environmental Sciences Associates to begin work on and assist  staff in updating the city’s Critical Areas regulations. This included the integration of a Best Available Science element, as required by the State of Washington under the Growth Management Act.  Included here are the fruits of that work, including the proposed new code language in strikethrough/insert format and the supporting materials that back-up the proposed modifications.  The main theme of the modifications to the city code lies with a better understanding of the ecosystems associated with the City of Edgewood, the science of what does or does not impact these ecosystems as places continue to urbanize and better ways to protect and/or mitigate (as a last resort) these impacts if this urbanization requires that modifications are needed in order for property owners to realize the full potential of their property investments. 

Critical Areas Municipal Code

Gap Analysis Memoradum

Gap Analysis Matrix   

Associated Earth Sciences Technical Memorandum 


Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas
Frequently Flooded Areas