Edgewood Police Department

Chief Lundborg
Micah Lundborg
Chief of Police

As the New Year begins, so often we seek change.  A change in fitness, diet, and lifestyles are common.  But a change in leadership?  It’s true.  It happened. 

Ed Knutson, who dutifully served the citizens of Edgewood and led the police department for the last nine years retired last month and I am proud to announce that I am your new Chief of Police.  My name is Micah Lundborg.  I have worked for the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department for 23 years and have been very active in my career.  I have worked Patrol in Lakewood (prior to incorporation) and South Hill serving as a Field Training Officer.  I also worked for periods of time in the Special Operations Unit, the Warrant Unit, and I also served as a K9 handler.  After promoting to Sergeant, I worked out of South Hill, the Training Unit, and most recently supervised the Mountain Detachment (in the Eatonville/Roy areas).  I am also the Team Commander for the Pierce County Metro Dive Team.

My interest in the City of Edgewood is great!  I have long enjoyed the city and its rural atmosphere but am also excited to see what the future holds for it as it continues to grow and develop.  I understand the concerns that come with this growth, though and look forward to being there to assist citizens during this time.  I am a huge proponent for Community Policing and Information Sharing.  Public outreach is important to me and my philosophy as a leader.  For years, you have been served by some of the finest men and women in law enforcement and I expect that to continue.  Our commitment to you as public servants is paramount and you should expect a professional level of service. 

As I settle into my new surroundings and new role as your Chief, I look forward to meeting many people and introducing my staff (your officers) to you as well.  I hope to begin some community outreach projects in the near future and will let you know as soon as we are ready!

I wish you all a wonderful, healthy, happy, and safe New Year!


Partnership for Drug-Free Kids
The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is a powerful resource for parents and families to prevent and cope with teen drug/alcohol abuse. Visit their website to get information in preventing the use of illegal, over-the-counter and prescription, drugs as well as treatment and recovery support. 

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Pierce County Sheriff Department Chaplain - Concerns Over Recent Headlines

The Pierce County Sheriff's Chaplain, Rick Bulman, recently sent out a letter that was written last year by a police officer's wife. While the chaplain's perspective is one of concern for the officers as well as being proud of the job they do, the letter offers a unique insight into what officers and their families deal with on a daily basis.
(Below are the chaplain's words followed by a link to the letter.)

Dear Friends,

I have found all of the recent news headlines and media hype very disturbing. All of the sudden, the good guys are the villains and the criminals are the heroes.  I want to stand on the rooftop and scream out at the top of my lungs; “Have you forgotten that it’s our men and women in blue that allow you to sleep comfortably at night?” They don’t see you holding dead babies, cleaning up brain material off the ground, comforting people in crisis and all of the other things you do on a daily basis that doesn’t get publicized.
I know that the real heroes don’t wear capes… They wear law enforcement uniforms and I feel so honored to be associated with you. You are definitely my heroes and it hurts my heart to see people disrespecting and devaluating you.
I’ve attached a copy of a letter from the wife of a law enforcement officer that expresses it so well. I just want you all to know that you are respected and appreciated.
Chaplain Rick

Letter From Police Officer's Wife


July 4th Update

Questions/Comments for the chief or the department? Email Micah Lundborg: chief@cityofedgewood.org