~Helpful Information and Links~


Partnership for Drug-Free Kids  (link)
The Partnership for Drug-Free Kids is a powerful resource for parents and families to prevent and cope with teen drug/alcohol abuse. Visit their website to get information in preventing the use of illegal, over-the-counter and prescription, drugs as well as treatment and recovery support. 

Crime in My City
If you're interested in the crime statistics in your neighborhood you can click HERE to be taken to the Pierce County Neighborhood Crime web site to view those reports. .

Door to Door Peddlers and Business Licenses
Want to know who needs a business license in Edgewood? THIS brochure may answer some of your questions.

Identity Theft Information
Click HERE for information on how to deal with identity theft.

Pierce County Emergency Management-Mitigation
Any sustained action taken to reduce or eliminate long-term risk to people, property and the environment from the effects of both natural and man-made hazards. Click to see what Emergency Management Mitigation is doing county wide.Click HERE to see what Emergency Management Mitigation is doing county wide. 
Free Gun Locks Available
The Edgewood Police Department has a limited supply of THESE gun chamber locks to be distributed upon request at no cost to you. Stop by or call for more information.

Dispose of  Prescription Drugs & Meds the Safe & Secure Way at Edgewood City Hall
The Edgewood Police Department urges you to dispose of your unused and/or expired medications the right way.  Use this free, convenient method of disposal!  Find a list of acceptable and unacceptable items HERENeedles Not Accepted.

Radar Trailer
Police volunteer Richard Morrison places Edgewood’s radar trailer in various locations throughout the City.  This device, purchased through grant funding, not only shows the current speed, but also flashes a reminder to “slow down” if the posted speed limit has been exceeded.  Additionally, this radar trailer has the capability to collect data and provide information about the habits and behaviors motorists display in various locations in the City.  Thank you Richard, for your public safety volunteer efforts.