Major Projects

 Jovita Boulevard Roundabout and Realignment Project

Edgewood is partnering with the City of Milton on a traffic improvement project that will realign the intersection of Jovita Boulevard at Meridian Avenue/SR 161.  The alignment will remove the signal at the current location, which will be replaced with a right in/right out to Jovita Boulevard for north bound traffic.  The new alignment will move the intersection to the north to meet Emerald Street in Milton.  The result of the realignment will reduce traffic congestion by allowing a greater area between signals and will increase traffic safety. The City has received funding from the Washington State Traffic Improvement Board (TIB) for the project.  Updates will be posted as they become available.

Jovita Groundbreaking All


  • Groundbreaking Ceremony was held on November 13, 2012
  • A contract for construction  was awarded to RW Scott Construction, Inc.
  • Harris and Associates was awarded the contract for construction management.

 Jovita Roundabout and Realignment SEPA Documents

WSDOT's SR 161 / Meridian Avenue East Widening Project
This project will widen SR 161/Meridian Avenue East from a three-lane to a 5-lane road.  Additional funding obtained by the City will provide wide sidewalks, plantings, attractive lighting and other amenities unique to Edgewood. This project was originally planned to run the full length of Meridian from the northern City limits to 36th Street East where the road heads down the hill to Puyallup.  Unfortunately, due to WDDOT;s many setbacks in getting the actual construction moving, costs for the project have increased causing the project to be significantly reduced.  At this time, the widening project will only run from 8th Street East to approximately 24th Street East.  It is estimated by WSDOT that the construction of what is now the second phase of the project will not occur sometime between 2025 and 2026.  For a full project description, visit WSDOT's website.  Check back regularly to get information on the project as it progresses:

Interurban Trail and Jovita Crossroads Trailhead Park

Completed trail facing west slightlyy off set to leftThe Interurban Trail and Jovita Crossroads Trailhead Park have been completed and are ready for use.  Please stop by and enjoy your new recreational facilities.

The contract  for construction of the Trail was awarded to Tucci & Sons of Tacoma.  The trail is being well used.

indexConstruction work started on the trail portion of the project on September 7, 2011 and was completed in early 2012.  The contract for the construction of Jovita Crossroads Trailhead Park was awarded to Kamin Construction.  The Trailhead Park was completed in June 2012.

PublicUpdates will be
 posted regarding the second phase of the project from 114th Avenue East down to the valley floor at West Valley Highway as grant funding and other information becomes available.  Learn about the history of the Interurban Electric Railway on thParks & Rec page.