Public Works Ongoing Projects

Chip Seal & Paving
Here is a list of roads scheduled for maintenance and resurfacing June - August 2017
8th St E (from 114th Ave E - 122nd Ave E)
122nd Ave E (8th St E - 48th St E)
4th St E (west of 119th Ave E)
119th Ave E (north of 8th St E)
24th St E (east of 122nd Ave E)
20th St E (west of 112th Ave E)
111th Ave E (south of 20th St E)
110th Ave E (north of 24th St E)
21st St Ct E (east of 110th Ave E)
28th St Ct E (east of 94th Ave E)
29th St Ct E (east of 94th Ave E)
32nd St E (106th Ave E to Meridian)
36th St E (west of Meridian)

Road Reshaping
Various roads around town need to have their edges and shoulders reshaped to convey storm water to our ditches. Begining June 26th and going through July 14th the following roads will be worked on:
36th St E
110th Ave
20th St E
36th Ave E

Brush Cutting & Mowing
The city will cut brush and mow the right of ways through out the city Fridays & Saturdays June-August 2017 

Jovita Blvd Closure
Begining the last week in August Jovita Blvd will be closed from 114th to West Valley
for approximatley a week for our annual culvert maintenance.