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The City of Edgewood has received a federal grant and partnered with Puget Sound Energy (PSE) to help businesses save money and energy.

Through our new Energy $mart program, the City will:

      Link businesses to resources that can help save money and energy.

      Help businesses apply for PSE rebates to save money.

      Offer a limited number of Energy $mart rebates to make PSE business rebates go further—up to $15,000 city-wide.

PSE also offers rebates to save money and energy at your home.

Energy-saving Benefits
Your business can benefit from energy-saving opportunities in lighting, heating and cooling, equipment, and water heating:

  •  Reduce your utility bills.

  • Receive PSE and, for a limited time, Energy $mart rebates for new, energy-efficient equipment.

  • Make your business more efficient and productive

While funds remain, Energy $mart is offering rebates to match Puget Sound Energy’s attractive rebates for energy-efficient lighting, HVAC equipment, appliances, lighting control systems, and much more (up to $1,500 per business). Find out more about PSE rebates at Get Re-Energized: Tips, Tools & Ideas.

Contact: Eric Phillips, Edgewood’s Community Development Director, by calling 253.952.3299 or via email at .  You can also click the links below for more information.

Easy energy-saving tips for homes and businesses