Your Finance Department has the following responsibilities:

  • Banking
  • Develops and Produces the City Budget and Annual Report
  • Develops Capital Improvement Plan
  • Makes Presentations to the City Council
  • Manages Accounts Payable
  • Manages Cash and Investments
  • Manages Purchasing and Prepares Contracts
  • Performs Contract and Grant Reporting and Coordination
  • Prepares Payroll
  • Provides Regular Financial Reports

LID Payments

Public Finance, Inc. has assumed the customer service portion of the LID Administration effective June 1, 2013 and will be handling all inquiries pertaining to payments, payoffs, past due amounts, due dates, etc. Public Finance will also be sending out the LID notices, but the payments will still be mailed to the City for receipting and deposit. Please email the City's LID Administrator, Public Finance Inc. or call 425-885-1604 with inquiries.

Utility Tax

Utility Tax Form
Utility Tax Information