Welcome to the Edgewood Police Department, Proudly Operated by the Pierce County Sheriff's Department.

Thank you for visiting the Edgewood Police Department home page. You've taken the first step in working cooperatively with your local police officers. If you aren't aware, your police staff is comprised of ten Pierce County Sheriff's Department Deputies (eight Patrol Officers, one Investigator, and the Chief) and an Office Assistant who are committed to serving the citizens of Edgewood twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. And although only "ten" officers may not sound like a lot, we also have roughly three hundred more officers at our disposal. As previously mentioned, the City of Edgewood contracts its police services from Pierce County so if we need more assistance, it is available upon request. We have a Training Unit, Legal Counsel, a large Criminal Investigation Division, a Traffic Unit, K9 Unit, Specialty Units (i.e. SWAT, Hazardous Devices, Search and Rescue, etc…), a Drug Unit, the Sex Offender Registration team, a Forensic Team, and a Property Room too. Your Edgewood Police Department is truly complete!

Here we are committed to communication and community outreach. Your trust in your police department is paramount and we are working hard to ensure that we meet your expectations. We host a variety of outreach events to let you know who we are, what we do, and why we do what we do. From Community Events to In-home (neighborhood) discussions, we are there for you. Visit our Community Academies. Check out our Pets and Pedestrians on Patrol Program. Stop by a Coffee with a Cop event. Or invite us to speak at a Neighborhood Safety event. We are here for you!

The Mission Statement of the Edgewood Police Department follows Pierce County's Mission Statement. We are dedicated to Protecting Life and Property, Upholding Rights, and working in Partnership to Help Build Strong Safe Communities.

The keyword above is, "Partnership." We are all in this together and have to work as a team to succeed at this. Keeping a community safe isn't a job left to law enforcement. It is incumbent upon all of us in society to work at this together. As a result, we look forward to working with you to keep this community a truly wonderful place to live, work, and play.

Chief Micah Lundborg