Interlocal Agreements

  1. City of Fife Sanitary Sewer Services_First Amendment
  2. City of Fife, Sumner Pacific Overweight Vehicles
  3. City of Puyallup_800 MHZ Radio Services
  4. City of Sumner_Animal Control Services
  5. City of Sumner_GIS
  6. East Pierce Fire and Rescue Investigations of Cause or Origin
  7. Fife School District
  8. King County Directors' Association Purchasing Department
  9. Lakehaven Water and Sewer District Second Amendment to Agreement
  10. Pierce County Agreement for Emergency Management Services
  11. Pierce County and the City of Edgewood Regarding Administering Funds Generated as a Result of State of WAshington SHB 2060
  12. Pierce County Asset Forfeiture and Seizure Services between Pierce County and City of Edgewood
  13. Pierce County Community Connections Cooperation Agreement for Urban County Community Development Program Funds Amendment No 1
  14. Pierce County Court Services
  15. Pierce County Drainage District 21
  16. Pierce County Flood Control Zone District and the City of Edgewood
  17. Pierce County Jail Services Amendment No 6
  18. Pierce County Litter Clean-Up Waste Disposal Credit Agreement
  19. Pierce County Responds Junk Vehicle Affidavit Agreement
  20. Pierce County Road and Traffic Maintenance Services
  21. Pierce County Surface Water Management Service Charges Collected by Pierce County and for Surface Water Management Billing
  22. Pierce County_Law Enforcement Services_Amendment No 6
  23. Pierce County_Solid and Hazardous Waste Management Planning
  24. Puget Sound Regional Council for Regional Planning in the Central Puget Sound Area
  25. Puyallup School District
  26. Puyallup School District No. 3 and City of Edgewood Relating to Edgewood LID No. 1
  27. Puyallup School District, Pierce County and the City of Edgewood for the Provision of Sanitary Sewer Service to Northwood Elementary School
  28. SSHA3P Intergovernmental Agreement
  29. Washington Cities Insurance Authority
  30. Washington Department of General Administration
  31. Washington Department of Information Services
  32. Washington Department of Revenue leasehold tax
  33. Washington Department of Revenue Master License Services
  34. Washington Department of Revenue Sales and Use Tax
  35. WDOT SR161 to Milton Way
  36. WSDOT_Puget Sound Gateway Program