Project Updates & Alerts

Construction on Meridian

The City of Edgewood is constructing a new community park this year on the northeast corner of Meridian Ave E (SR-161) and 36th Street East. The City has extended the sanitary sewer along Meridian Avenue East south of 32nd Street East to the park, and most of the pavement restoration work has been completed. There will be some finishing work as the weather warms up this spring. Another project starting the week of March 15th is a new sidewalk on the northbound side between 24th St E and the Simon's Mill Apartments. Intermittent utility work continues while staging and setup for the sidewalk work begins. Again, alternate routes are advised, and please use caution when traveling through these work zones. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Construction on 24th St E

Construction work for a new sidewalk on the north side of the road between Northwood Elementary and Meridian began the week of March 15th. Traffic delays are expected during work hours, so alternate routes are advised. For westbound traffic, you may take 16th St E / Taylor St west from Meridian to 92nd Ave E, then south to 20th St E - continue south on 92nd to circle back to 24th St E, or head west on 20th to reach Yuma St and the City of Fife.

School Zone Cameras

Speed enforcement cameras are installed at the following school zones: 

  • Northwood Elementary (24th St E eastbound only)
  • Edgemont Junior High (24th St E easbound and westbound)
  • Hedden Elementary (114th Ave E southbound, 8th St E eastbound and westbound)
Speed limits are photo-enfoced at these locations, only as you pass the school zone beacons and when they are flashing. Please contact the Edgewood Police Department with any questions.

Report a Problem / Request for Action

Contact us for:

  • Clearing roads of snow, downed trees, and debris
  • Drainage system and culvert maintenance
  • Grading and graveling shoulder areas
  • Illegally placed signs
  • Pavement repair, potholes, and resurfacing
  • Roadside brush cutting and mowing
  • Street sweeping and litter removal


Edgewood City Hall
Monday through Friday (excluding holidays)
8:30 am to 5 pm
Phone: 253-952-3299

After Hours

Pierce County Public Works
Phone: 253-798-6000

City Hall staff are available during normal business hours during emergency operations.