Public Works

For information pertaining to the City's roads, signs, ditches, rights-of-way, and City construction projects andPublic Works engineering and plan review, access applications, forms, and related information sheets.

Sanitary Sewer Questions & Concerns

Think Trash - Not Toilets! We are experiencing high volumes of non-flushable items in our pump stations and need your help to keep your sewer system functioning properly. View documents relating to pump stations:

Sewer Odor Near a Pump Station

Email Dale Haase at Lakehaven Water and Sewer District 24/7 at 253-946-5408 to report sewer odor near a pump station. For Sewer Availability Letters within the Phase 1 sewer service area (PDF), contact The City of Edgewood Public Works Department at 253-952-3299. For connection requests, development requirements, and/or sanitary sewer engineering within the Phase 1 sewer area (PDF), contact the Lakehaven Utility District.

Report Anyone Removing or Dumping Anything into a Manhole

Just as it is illegal to dump material along the roadside, it is illegal to dump anything into a public sewer system. Please call 911 if you see any suspicious activity while it's happening so the police can respond as quickly as possible!


To keep everything working properly and extend service life of City facilities, regular maintenance is scheduled throughout the year along the public streets and ditches. As with all things, emergencies will happen, and in those instances project priorities may need to be adjusted. If you have any questions about the City's maintenance schedule, please email Public Works Director Jeremy Metzler.Summer Heights Under Construction

Roadway and Surface Water Drainage System Facts

The City of Edgewood owns and maintains:

  • 135 control structures
  • 3,560 pipe segments
  • 33 miles of ditches
  • 365 dry wellsThe drain is just for rain - report water pollution
  • 49 miles of public roadway
  • 980 catch basins


If City Hall is closed, please call 911 to report spills and dangerous stormwater pollution.