General Sewer Plan Update

The City has been working on a update to our General Sewer Plan (GSP) since August 2019 with our consultant, Grey & Osborne, Inc., with the goal of establishing a path for sewer availability for everyone in Edgewood. Our current plan and code, established around 2007, created three phases for sewer development: Phase 1 along Meridian Avenue and at the former Fife Sand & Gravel pit (available now), Phase 2 near the Meridian Avenue Phase 1 area (available after 2027), and Phase 3 being the rest of the City (available after 2057). After more than 3 years of discussion, review, and collaboration, a complete draft of our updated plan is ready for review (linked below). Instead of time-based phases, this plan identifies which areas in Edgewood are routed to the four proposed receiving sewer utilities (Lakehaven, Fife, Pierce County, and Puyallup), and what improvements are needed in order to provide sewer service no matter where you are located in Edgewood.

Read the General Sewer Plan Here

Tentative Schedule:

  • January 3, 2023 – City Council Study Session briefing 
  • January 9, 2023 – Planning Commission briefing 
  • February 2023 – Initiate Coordination Meetings with Receiving Sewer Utilities 
  • February 13, 2023 Planning Commission – Introduce Draft Code Amendments, Review Draft GSP Update
  • February/March 2023 – Initial Coordination Meetings with Receiving Sewer Utilities
  • March 13, 2023 Planning Commission – Continued discussion on Draft Code Amendments and GSP Update
  • March/April 2023 – Receive initial comments from Receiving Sewer Utilities
    • Responses to Receiving Sewer Utility comments here
  • Summer 2023 – Transmit materials to Dept. of Ecology for review
  • Summer 2023 – Coordinate efforts with Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update (SEPA Review)
  • Winter 2023/2024 – Dept. of Ecology approval
  • Spring 2024 – Complete code and GSP adoption process
    • Planning Commission final review and recommendation to Council
    • City Council review, discussion, possible public hearing, and final action
  • Spring/Summer 2024 – Complete Coordination with Receiving Sewer Utilities, Execute Agreements