Planning & Land Use

Current Planning

From signs to subdivisions, we review applications against our Comprehensive Plan and Edgewood Municipal Code to make sure they meet our community's goals and desires.

Long Range Planning

We help refine our City's vision for the future by analyzing changes to our Comprehensive Plan, Edgewood Municipal Code, Future Land Use Map (PDF), Zoning Map (PDF), and more.

Economic Development

Since Edgewood incorporated as a city in 1996, our community vision has included a core of growth and services along our Meridian Corridor while preserving an open, almost rural feel in the surrounding neighborhoods. Our Council requested a Planning and Economic Development Study to help illuminate the unique constraints we face along the Meridian Corridor, specifically in the Town Center and Mixed Use Residential Zones. In April of 2020, Berk Consulting presented the City of Edgewood Planning and Economic Development Study for TC and MUR Districts.

Critical Areas

We also administer our Critical Areas Ordinance, which was updated in 2017. This sets a baseline of protection within our City for wetlands, aquifers, fish and wildlife habitat, steep slopes and more.

Maps & Geographic Information System (GIS)

You can view zoning, land use, critical areas, school district boundaries and more using the Edgewood GIS. Learn more about using our GIS by viewing our Help Guide (PDF).