Town Center


Town Center is centrally located around the intersection of Meridian Avenue and 24th Street. The “Heart of Edgewood”- as identified in the Comprehensive Plan, is envisioned to have attractive pedestrian and bike routes, as well as places to live, shop, eat, drink, relax, and work. In short, it will soon be the place to be! This center must reflect our community character while bringing new people, places, and opportunities to Edgewood.

Public Participation

In preparation for the 2024 Comprehensive Plan Periodic Update , the City led a broad public engagement effort on Town Center. The public had opportunities to learn more about what the vision for Town Center is and provide input to inform goal and policy updates. The City hosted public workshops on January 27, 2022, and May 19, 2022, and facilitated a community preference survey. There were 645 survey respondents who provided input on their desired land uses and amenities. The complete survey results can be found here.

Envision the Future

A video was created to help visualize a conceptual design of Town Center, considering current development and design standards. You may take this visual tour by clicking this link.