Town Center Subarea Plan


Town Center is centrally located around the intersection of Meridian Avenue and 24th Street. The “Heart of Edgewood”- as identified in the Comprehensive Plan, is envisioned to have attractive pedestrian and bike routes, as well as places to live, shop, eat, drink, relax, and work. In short, it will soon be the place to be! This center must reflect our community character while bringing new people, places, and opportunities to Edgewood. Attracting this type of development requires the creation of a Subarea Plan that will establish a clear implementation strategy for public and private investments moving forward.

Get Involved

The Subarea Planning process marks an important time in our history because it is an opportunity to plan the future of Edgewood together. Sign-up for project updates by e-mailing a request to or calling Associate Planner Evan Hietpas at 253-831-4254.

Town Center Subarea Plan Outline

This outline is the public’s first opportunity to understand how the final Subarea Plan document will be put together. The draft describes what information will be included in each chapter of the Subarea Plan in an easy-to-navigate outline, whereas, the final Subarea Plan will be very robust and detailed. Read the document here: Town Center Subarea Plan “Skinny” draft

After reading the document, please provide comments or ask us questions. Written comments can be submitted by June 10th by e-mailing us or dropping off your comments at City Hall. If you have questions about any of the chapters, or additional considerations to share, please reach out to us.

Community Workshops

The first community workshop was held virtually on January 27, 2022 and can be watched by clicking this link provided. The second workshop was held in a hybrid format on May 19, 2022 and the recording may be viewed online


Envision the Future

This video has been created to help visualize a conceptual design of Town Center, considering current development and design standards. Please enjoy taking the virtual tour!

Interactive Pin Map

Share where you live by using the Interactive Pin Map below!  To pin your location, click the green pin on the left to create a “New Feature”, and then click your desired location on the map. If you make a mistake, you can select to “Remove Pin”. After dropping your pin, you will be prompted to share how you heard about the Town Center Subarea Plan project.

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